About Me

My life in a nutshell: automation specialist, YouTuber, and published author.

10 facts about me

I prefer the title ‘Process Improvement Expert’ rather than ‘Automation Expert’ 💡

2. I currently work at Lean IA, though I’ve worked in various other industries. Fintech, utilities, e-commerce, healthcare, at small-medium companies and tier1 consultancy firms …you name it! 👔

3. I’m all about networking, with global ties to fellow IA professionals all around the world 🌍

4. My book, Business @ the Speed of Bots, is based on 5 years’ insight 📚

5. Nothing feels better than empowering automation professionals, having trained 8000+ to date 🎓

6. I’m a strong advocate of healthy work-life balances 💤

7. When I’m not busy growing the Lean IA brand, you can find me in the Gym 🏋 or networking in Central London💂

8. London is the city I’m proud to call home 🇬🇧

9. I have BIG plans to grow my YouTube channel in the coming future 📽️

10. ‘Keep optimizing, keep discovering!’ is my #1 slogan at work (and in life) 😊

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